Tess is a classicaly trained illustrator with years of experience in traditionally drawn animation. Ever the curious mind, she has experimented with a great variation of techniques. She is an accomplished and award winning writer and director with 2 feature length animations under her belt as well as many music videos, commercials and short films.

While many of her projects have been happy cooperations, she is presently developing some personal projects.

Jonas a classicaly trained illustrator and animator who moved over to CG animation. He went on to win many directorial awards for his commercial work as well as for several short films.

Jonas loves to experiment with CG in order to create very different and personilized looks from what could be regarded as the same technique.

Jonas has a true passion for character design and developement, ranging from cartoon to realistic creature design.


Boris is a classicaly trained painter, illustrator and model maker who moved over to CG when he realized he didn't need to clean up his paints and brushes anymore.

Boris has a great passion for world and background design.

As a director Boris has mainly enjoyed workings in teams, either with Jonas Dahlbeck or with David Nord, and sometimes all three together.

Boris also loves experimenting with a wide range of techniques.